CTC in the E-Invoicing Compliance regime
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CTC in the E-Invoicing Compliance regime

The emergence of CTC – Continuous Transaction Controls - in the E-Invoicing Compliance regime is an undeniable trend across the world. 

CTC is not only supporting the VAT control enforcement, but it allows the approval and validation of the invoice in real or nearly real time of transaction, offering a more secured framework for governments and companies to avoid tax fraud and lessen the VAT gap. 

Even if the framework around CTC can be different between countries in terms of scope and implementation, they are all pursuing that main objective of control over business data to avoid fraud and evasion.

Predictions on the global rollout of CTC across the world are very clear with a majority of countries migrated from post-audit regime to CTC by 2030.

Strong with the last implementation of CTC in India, B2Boot is looking with its partners to support your E-Invoicing business on this compliance journey. Don’t hesitate to contact us for more information.